LEON IBMS Software

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LEON IBMS/Automation Software is an innovative software for building control and energy management. It combines the core functionality of a Building Management System (BMS) for connecting and controlling devices, with the added benefits of a Building Operating System (BOS) to manage and leverage data.

Powerful data visualization tools bring your data to life with dynamic dashboards that allow you to better analyze and aggregate your data, allowing your users to make more informed decisions.

LEON IBMS/Automation Software integrates all the electrical, mechanical, and security control systems in a building with the various hardware and software components, so the collected information can be shared by all systems in your building. This interoperability improves the functioning of all control systems in your building, increasing energy efficiency, enhancing security, and creating a more comfortable work environment in your building. All the essential control systems in your building can be interconnected by our software system, including
• Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
• Energy Management
• Lighting Control
• Access Control/Security Systems
• Critical Environments
• Fire and life safety systems/smoke evacuation & Power monitoring.


Key Features