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The BM-MTT-IO offers a big bright display that provides feedback of the air conditioning status. A user can easily turn the air conditioning on and off and adjust temperature/fan control. If the optional occupancy module is fitted, the BM-MTT-IO will automatically change to a low energy consumption mode when the room is vacant. The optional outside door station module further adds to the capability of the BM-MTT-IO by providing the user with the ability to call for housekeeping or request that they are not disturbed.

The BM-MTT-IO provides a total solution for air conditioning control and by adding optional logic modules, the BM-MTT-IO capabilities are extended.


• Bright Backlight Touch Screen
• Intuitive Operation
• Relay & 0-10V Equipment Control Outputs
• Single or Three Fan Speed Control
• Heat Pump or Heat Cool Control Logic
• 0-10V DC Fan Control
• Extensive Installer Options Menu
• PIR, Window & Door Status Inputs
• Inbuilt Logic for Room Occupancy
• Integrated Modbus RTU Communications
• Optional Remote Sensor(s) Available
• Switched Occupancy Input
• Optional Door Station Input (shown)

Key Features