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MIG -112 Gateway comprises a simple yet powerful user-friendly browser setup interface with no additional setup tools are needed. MIG-112 provides you with a very cost-effective way of integrating your legacy systems to Niagara AX and the all-new Niagara 4. Now you have an easy and inexpensive way to rejuvenates your legacy systems and integrate them into the new Niagara 4 and existing AX platforms.
MIG-112 hardware is robust, proven reliable, speedy microprocessor and easy to install on a DIN rail in your control panel. Drivers are ordered separately for the MIG112 and you have a choice of legacy drivers to choose from. Only one IP interface to Niagara is required, as the serial communication ports, RS485 and RS232, are built into the MIG. MIG-112 provides you with a low-level machine coding where Communication speed is crucial for some drivers that cannot run on standard drivers.


• ARM 9 S3C2416 400MHz Main Processor
• 64Mbyte RAM
• 128Mbyte NAND Flash
• SD Card Reader
• 1 × 10/100 Ethernet port
• 1 × RS232
• 2 × RS485
• Real Time Clock
• 24v AC/DC Power

Key Features