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The SH-ME8300 wireless control valve actuator is designed for 2 way communication with other devices based on the SEPO protocol. Now based on the new TCM320(C) Dolphin Chipset from SEPO an easy integration allowed Spartan Peripheral Devices to introduce a standardized 2 way communicating actuator. Two way communication
and integration into a BACnet/LON gateway, supporting multiple devices wireless and wired is now possible.

Being a modulating unit it can be precisely positioned to flow requirement. This 2 way communication allows carrying extra information to a controller (feedback). Position feedback of the actuator confirms the functionality of the actuator, dual temperature feedback is also available. Temperature sensor can be used to monitor room or media temperature all in the same single actuator, without using an extra point on your controller.

Feedback returned to the BAS system gives you extra control without extra cost. The actuator is based on a proven mechanical gearbox, designed for more than 500,000 cycles. Utilizing a brushless synchronous AC motor with constant torque and speed, it allows precise positioning over the full span of the valve travel. The positioning is paired with an electro-optical rotation counter allowing for absolute positioning without drifting…


Key Features