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The BM-CS-20P is a high performance server class controller with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 512 MB RAM and 8GB flash memory, powerful capabilities with HTML5 graphics and multifunctional adapter widgets. The built-in VPN client/server allows for secure remote connectivity, in line with your clients corporate policy, it is a unique feature for BMS controllers. The BM-CS-20P supports IT standards, such as IPv6, 802.1x, MQTT and REST API.

The BM-CS-20P has incomparable industry performance, allows for flexible design, and is a natural extention on the already successful CS series controllers permitting secure integration at a BMS and IoT level. The BM-CS-20P is freely and live programmable via the Datos PT Tools and supports all BMS protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, Sox, TCom and can be integrated to leading head ends and enterprise management systems.


  • On board 8GB of EMMC for storage and history storage
  • Support IPv4, IPv6, DHCP Client
  • BACnet MSTP Client/Server, BACnet IP Client/Server, Mod bus RTU Master/Slave, Modbus TCP Master/Slave, TCOM, SOX
  •  Datos Peer to Peer Protocol, compatible with CS, CH, CW Series
  • Built in web server with HTML5 compatible and SSL certificate support
  • Supports MQTT , RESTful API and other web services
  • Built-in VPN Server and Client
  • Enterprise Network Security 802.1x and TLS 1.2
  • Support Network Time Protocol (NTP) client
  • SMTP protocol (outgoing email) with SSL authentication
  • SQL Lite up to 100,000 records
  • Built in dashboard (Freeboard)

Key Features