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Become Partner

We want our partners to be successful and provide the high-level quality solution to the customers. That is the reason we introduced our DATOS Partner Program, which contains great advantages

  • Training in Programming Tools
  • Unlimited support
  • Software updates
  • Annual workshop
  • Special partner multiplier based on Performance
  • Your company logo on our products (optional)

We are constantly considering for system integrators, dealers and distributor who are willing to expand their business and to have a long and successful association with us


There are two different forms of partnership: DATOS Certified Partner and DATOS Certified Knowledge Center. Both the partners will get their benefits mentioned and the Knowledge Center allows the use of our innovative program.

The Reason for our Partner Program

Although we recognize the intimate relationship between profitability and quality, we know that our partner’s success is ultimately depending on the well-being and innovative character of its engineers. We want to develop a successful,long-term, strategic relationship based on achieving best practice and sustainable competitive advantage.


To be successful as a partner and provide the high-level quality solution to the customers, training is mandatory. DATOS provides trainings and workshops to keep the knowledge of our partners at the highest level.

Open source

DATOS recognizes that open building solutions combined with an efficient and easily understood engineering framework is crucial for in-house engineers and building owners. That’ s why we market an, already proven, open source technology.

Great Advantages

Once you’ve signed up as an DATOS Partner, you will profit from many benefits.

  • Training in Programming Tools
    during our Programming Tools & the training, you will learn how to work with the Programming Tool and program.
  • Unlimited support
    when you encounter problems our support team will help you fix them. The support is always free, no matter how many times you need it.
  • Programming Tool
    The Programming Tool is your engineering tool that does everything… and more.
  • Software updates
    we continuously update the software that runs on our products. As a partner these updates are free.
  • Annual workshop
    Handy to update your knowledge on PT (Programming Tool) and also ideal to learn about new features.
  • Special partner multiplier based on performance
    The more DATOS products you sell, the better your price will be.

Programming Tool

Programming Tools We know that our partners always want to get the best out of the products they buy. That’s why we encourage training. With this train,ing you really get to know PT tools and the BM-CXXXX-series and that contributes to providing the high-level quality you want to your customers. For training dates and general information about trainings, please look at the training page.

This PT Tools & DATOS-BM training consist of:

  • Introduction
    You cannot take advantage of our products if you don’t know them. This introduction shows our main products to you and explains how our DATOS works.
  • PT Tool Overview
    Programming Tools is an open source software programming tool that provides third party configuration and management tools for products that run in a Sedona environment. PT Tools has the ability to configure and manage the web server on the DATOS-BM.
  • Sedona Basics
    Sedona is the open source programming language. that provides third party configuration and management tools for products that run in the Sedona environment. It is designed to make it easy to build smart.
  • Kit Management
    Kit Management in PT Tools is used to manage the Sedona kits in a Sedona controller. The Kit Manager will display all the kits that are installed in the PT Tools Sedona folder or in the Sedona folder selected.
  • Build Sedona Control Programs
    This topic consists of building simple AHU control applications, like for ventilation, temperature, mix damper (CO2 control) and water production (heating and cooling).
  • Create your own library
    PT Tools allows you to create a template library for future use. This feature reduces Sedona programming time. You can also create libraries for graphics.
  • HTML 5 Graphics pages for web browser
    Create multiple graphics pages in the DATOS for the Sedona control programs that were built earlier.
  • Charts
    The SQL Lite is capable of storing history into tables and columns. SQL Lite table data can be displayed in PT web graphics.
  • Backup Management
    The PT Tools web server has another option for ‘backups and restores’ of the Sedona application. This option backups the Sedona application as well as the graphics from the SD card.
  • Networks
    Configure network communications, like Modbus, BACnet and P2P.