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Leading the way in technology

DATOS is an automation division of WatchNET Inc, Canada provides innovative products for BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM as well as CRITICAL & INFRASTRUCTURE MONITORING SOLUTION. DATOS Building Management Systems provide a strong foundation for intelligent buildings that inspire occupant productivity and deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency.

The key elements of our product & solutions are; economical, high energy savings, fewer devices and software, multiple protocols & easy integration.

Innovation & Technology

DATOS always wanted to be unique, innovative & stand-out from the crowd. Without differentiation and innovation, there is no value for any product or solution. We see paradigm shift by M2M (machine to machine), building automation and energy management segment. We envisage a great prospect and provide much better solutions by the out-of-the-box philosophy that are present are provided.

We diverse ourselves from the typical approach and take the advantage of IP and Wireless technology from the conventional method with the intention of the drive from devices to enterprise and deploy much advanced analytical tools and GUI.

Machine to Machine Technology

The time ahead and within a few years; the M2M technology will become Smaller, Deeper and Wider. Large enterprises will look at smart grid opportunities and create things very smarter, intelligent and more stand-alone by taking advantage of wireless and IP technology. The world is moving towards Web 2.0 with better internet speed and availability as this development could then lead to better communication between systems.

We always wanted to align with IP technology as the customers & users will definitely benefit from that because they will get value for their investment, more control over their facilities by using advanced technology where they didn’t benefit earlier.

BMS versus M2M

BMS is a technology centred on building automation. Whereas the M2M helps the devices more smart, intelligent, cost-effective and smaller so that they can communicate with each other well and perform on their own efficiently. In a nutshell, the equipment can take their own decisions faster and efficient without much supervisory, unlike BMS systems that need more supervisory & controls, since BMS need the more powerful system and doesn’t have a free framework within. BMS is all about the building.

We can do much more advanced things with M2M since we go from device to device and from a cluster of devices, we go directly to the end device. This will be in the market for mainly metering and for small buildings or multiple small buildings. For multiple large buildings, you inevitably will end up connecting a supervisor or server.

Market Focus

Obviously, we are in the BMS market and additionally, our target is mid-sized buildings where currently 70 to 80% of the buildings are not connected to an enlarged system so that they can be evaluated, monitored and measured because they are not economical.

We put ourselves in the user’s perception and focusing to reduce costs and we do that by having a shorter development cycle to getting products to market.

DATOS Freeboard

The key is its simplicity! There are a lot of tools available that are good but proficiency in software programming is required for day to day operation. These tools are applicable and usable in enterprise level with the permanent expertise for day to day operation.

But most user wants to look at energy usage, performance, are mainly non-technical. They may know to use a smartphone, iPad or Android and a dashboard like DATOS Freeboard, which is very user-friendly, can have these people look at their energy usage and monitor and influence them. The Operator can see the performance of one or many buildings, effectively without spending more, set environmental and energy targets and are able to standard this performance.

The Advantage in DATOS, enable the user to access the browser or any server, directly through the Internet without any additional devices or difficult protocols.

Inspiring Approach

Datos takes the path of an inspiring approach to the market and to everything certainly. Our team is our strength and all the people in Datos have great experience working in BMS and M2M and they understand every aspect of the business and technology. Our team have wide knowledge and enhanced understanding of data, web technologies, marketing and have an open mind towards progress. We are looking at a user’s perspective and understand their needs while looking at how we can do things differently, easier, more cost effective than the traditional systems.

Best Operational Attitude

When designing and implementing a BMS there needs to be a mutual expectation of performance, after the system is commissioned, witnessed and handed over. These can then be monitored, tested and analyzed thereafter, just like we would do with any other valuable building asset.

Our knowledge base gives us cutting edge strength in development and delivery of comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end solutions for projects in the area of automation. We have the capability of executing any scale of the project.