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DATOS is an automation division of WatchNET Inc, Canada provides innovative products for BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM as well as CRITICAL & INFRASTRUCTURE MONITORING SOLUTION. DATOS Building Management Systems provide a strong foundation for intelligent buildings that inspire occupant productivity and deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency.

The key elements of our product & solutions are economical, high energy savings, fewer devices and software, multiple protocols & easy integration.


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DATOS products have been launched at Intersec’2018 show held at Dubai World Trade Center. WatchNET had launched both DATOS-BM & DATOS-CM during the show.

We are pleased to inform you that the processors used in our DATOS controllers are not susceptible to either the ‘Meltdown’ or the ‘Spectre’ vulnerabilities. ARM Holdings, the designer of ARM processor chips, has identified that. Their processors are built in our CM, CH, CR, and CW range of products.

DATOS conducts professional training in both Building Management System and Critical Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions. This course would suit system integrators in the BMS platform and the training program makes you fundamental understanding of control processes and application.